Intergroup Media

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We will look back on the 21st century

... and see that art and programming were part of a single whole


Our Services:

Business Consulting
and Project Management

The gap between big ideas and results can seem endless.

With help from our consultants you will receive the strategic and industry experience that deliverers solutions and paves the way for your growth. We help businesses take decisive action and achieve outstanding results.

Web Development
and Design

We plan, develop, and maintain professional websites.

From branding to e-commerce, entertainment  to SAAS and beyond. We make sites accessible to both mobile and desktop devices, a must in our increasingly wireless world. Our focus on user experience adds value and our methods empower our clients and their audiences.

Software Application Development

Intergroup builds great software applications, from custom print on demand products to dynamic corporate reporting.

We can build the tools to meet your unique business needs, or help your business leverage existing software tools in new ways.

Social Marketing
and Engagement

We understand the social media landscape and provide tools, training, and management services.

Branding and guidance through the ever-changing rules of social commerce are a must for any business

Technology is the campfire around which we tell our stories.

–Laurie Anderson